Messenger Platform Postman Collection

Not gonna lie: I’m a big fan of Postman. Don’t get me wrong, I like cURL, too. There’s not much that can make a fella feel like he’s living in the Matrix like firing off a few cURL requests with all those fancy looking flags. But sometimes I seriously just can’t be bothered. A good man page is great for snuggling up with, but I’ve got shit to do.

That’s when I turn to Postman. It’s got so many conveniences, like environments, tests, its own debugging console, AND it’s dead simple. It’s perfect for developing on any API-based platform.

Mmmm, Messenger Platform

Know what it’s even better for? Developing on an API-based platform like the Messenger Platform, which requires trying out tons and tons and tons, and still seemingly more endless tons of API calls. Just trying out every message template, let alone all the other stuff is an awful lot of cURL. So, here you go, The Internet. Just in time for Christmas I give to you this Postman collection of EVERY request you can make to the Messenger Platform (I think). If I forgot any, let me know and I’ll add it just for you.


Pretty cool, right?

There’s a lot of info about what all this collection can do, how to run it, etc. in the README file, so I’ll let you check that out at your leisure… because you always read the README, right? Of course you do.

Have at the repo on my GitHub.